Certification Exam Tips

Here is Exam Tips from Test Developer from Pearsons Vue!

  • What is the Question asking? (Relevant to the test objectives and exam criteria)
  • Eliminate incorrect answers.
  • Read all answers then reread Questions again.
  • If you see moth than one correct answer than what is require to answer the question, then you have read the question wrong. Read it again, and it might be the opposite too what you though the question was asking originally.
  • If you get a question with a vague answer, firstly eliminate incorrect answers, then eliminate answer that does not convey the theory you are testing for, and in the questions.  Figure out what the question is trying to test you on relevant to the exam objectives and criteria.
  • Read eac word in the question and answer aloud, like your are checking spelling and grammar.
  • Visualize Where you read that theory, information or table.
  • Pick the correct ansers(s) and then check the incorrect ons again. Then again, re-read the questions with the correct answers. Does it sound correct?

– I just can’t get myself to study what two concepts from psychology can be related to the problems?

One aspect:
It may be that you are not motivated to study because the course work is uninspiring or about a subject in which you have no interest.
Try to focus on courses that you perceive can benefit you long term and help you achieve your career goals.
If you perceive no benefit to learning specific knowledge sets, you will tend not to give your best.