VMware Workstation START STOP Script

Use this script to free up resources when VMware Workstation is not in use..

1. Set all of the VMware Service to Manuel

  • VMware Authorization Service
  • VMware DHCP Service
  • VMware NAT Service
  • VMware USB Arbitration Service

2.  Use this script to START VMware Workstation


# Start VMWare Services

NET START "VMware Authorization Service"

NET START "VMware DHCP Service"

NET START "VMware NAT Service"

NET START "VMware USB Arbitration Service"

# Enable VMware NICs

devcon enable *VMnetAdapter8

devcon enable *VMnetAdapter1

# Start VMWare Machines

Call "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmware.exe"

3. Use this script to STOP VMware Workstation


NET STOP "VMware Authorization Service"

NET STOP "VMware DHCP Service"

NET STOP "VMware NAT Service"

NET STOP "VMware USB Arbitration Service"

devcon disable *VMnetAdapter8

devcon disable *VMnetAdapter1