Technical Selling

I find the Consulting and Selling side of my job the most interesting, becoming a trusted consultant for highly critical Technical Solutions. So this is just a place holder for my research into selling. Its all about telling the truth and listening.. Of course backing that up with deep technical knowledge and applying  that to a technical solution to achieve business objectives.

Making the sale (EXAMPLE)

Vivek Gupta thrives on identifying discomfort. “You have to understand their pain points,” he says of his customers. “And they’re not going to spell them out.” Several years ago he had a fruitless first meeting with a sales prospect at a wireless telecom. Though the prospect said he was perfectly happy with his current partners, Gupta asked if he could study the business anyway, no strings attached. First, he dropped by the company’s switching center in Mumbai and chatted with the engineers on the floor. One mentioned that the microwave radios the company used to transmit call signals from one tower to the next weren’t as reliable as he’d like. In his next conversation, Gupta mentioned he’d heard microwave radios were a problem. Figuring Gupta was in the know, this second engineer confided that the problem was serious: Six or seven times each week the network was effectively crashing. Gupta had found his pain point.
At the same time, he began compiling a dossier on his prospect: The man had two grown children, his wife taught public school, and they lived in Delhi. One evening when they were scheduled to go to the same industry event, Gupta offered to pick the guy up at home, knowing that, as is the custom, he would be invited in for tea. That night Gupta kept things light. But two months after the initial sales snub, he made a second call to the man, now a friendly acquaintance, explaining the problem with the microwave radios and offering a relatively inexpensive fix. A small contract for microwave radios led, within a year, to other deals worth $100 million.
Selling to the C-Suite – Great Book and resources from author websites..
How to Become a Rainmaker – Good biginner book. Bit hard to read not a very thought our book..
Presentations tips
Selling Books


  • Introduction to Whiteboarding attach
  • Take your own Pens and Plan Notebook
  • Give a Pen to your customer at the begin to prove it is interactive..
  • Firstly, if you want to influence anyone, the best method is good old conversation and relationship building. (Without any white rabbits. ) Only use powerpoints or diagrams or whiteboards as a big reveal. )Think Steve Jobs)
  • Draw the Customer Infrastructure
    1. Ask how Each Component is setup in the customer site. HQ/ DR Site, Branch Office and then write down on the side what services or solutions you can provide
    2. If you are trying to sell them Backup or DR, as them how they existing architecture and draw it up.. This takes allot of practice, get the customer to participate
  • Articulate Value Proposition in a compelling and confident manner
  • Confident on competitive knowledge
  • Close for Next steps
  • Communicate for Closing
  • Ask for next steps or deal
  • Demo Demos Demos
  • Convert PowerPoints to Whiteboard
  • Communicate without slides
  • Ownership and confidence in the solutions
  • Persuade with confidence
  • People pick up un-consoulily on confidence
  • Communicate without slides
  • People retain 20% of what is presented
  • Compelling and consistent
  • Interactive
  • People pay attention to movement in the visual field
  • When people write they brains are engaged and connect to the message
  • Learn th Story and absorb in Story form
  • Tell Story and get participation
  • Teach the customer how to present
  • Tips for presenting Body language-