Application and Desktop Delivery Models

Application and Desktop Delivery Models – Understand the game before you try to play it.

Its amazing the amount of Consultants just pushing a Product without even considering the paradigms behind the technology.

In this article, I will describe the Application and Desktop Delivery Models.

This is a very good video to demonstrate the technology and NOT just product vs product..

This video demonstrates Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware View.

More importantly – Desktop Delivery Protocls Citrix ICA  vs VMware View (RDP or PCoIP).. It doesnt mater the version, concentrate on the delivery protocal.

Points to Note:

VMware View uses RDP or PCoIP. Microsoft Windows RDP is the default Terminal Service Protocal and Citrix ICA is a more advanced version of this type of protocol and created for delivery over WAN.

PCoIP, is a LAN based protocal.  Basically Windows CIFS and not optimized for Routing so it can not be used over the internet..

So the real argument is not Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware View..

The argument should be, Citrix ICA vs (RDP and PCOIP)..

Citrix Provising Server based on Ardence can deliver Desktop via PCOIP..

Clear winner is Citrix and the full Product Portfolio for Application Delivery..

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