XenServer Lab

Building a new XenServer Demo Lab..

Download the following:






How to Clone a XenServer

  1. Use the VirtualBox Tools to Clone a Existing XenServer.vdi -e.g  “F:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\vBoxManage.exe” clonevdi “F:\My Virtual Machines\XenDemo\XenServer1.vdi” “F:\My Virtual Machines\XenDemo\XenServer2.vdi”
  2. Create a New VM in VirtualBox with Linux 2.6 (64 Bit) OS and attach the new XenServer2.vdi HardDisk
  3. Edit the Settings of the VM and take note of the  Network Adapter Mac Address.
  4. Boot the new XenServer2 and access  the Local Command Shell and edit use VI /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0; contains a line HWADDR=<MAC address>. you need to edit in the same format as the Mac address you took from the above step. Use the VI Command Cheat sheet to edit the file
  5. Insure you change the localhost of the new XenServer as well.
  6. Restart your XenServer and make sure the new Mac Address is the same as the one applied by VirtualBox