HowTo: Secure Home Wireless and Internet Access

HowTo: Secure Home Wireless and Internet Access


I use the following steps to secure my home wireless and internet connection:- (Else turn off your wireless)

  1. Log on t o your home wireless Internet Router
  2. Decrease the IP Address Pool (DHCP) to the number of devices that you wish to permit internet access.  ( – to give access to 3 Devices)
  3. Add the MAC address to the DHCP Client list and set to FIX.
  4. Add the MAC address to the Wireless Access Control List
  5. Add the MAC address to the FIREWALL / Mac Filter
  6. Add the Client IP into the FIREWALL | Access Control and Block  services
  7. Set the QoS setting and apply the correct IP
  8. Configure WPA2 and Passphrase
  9. Set a Remote Management IP Address
  10. Reduce the number of Hosts in the Subnet to exactly what the devices you need..
    1. will give 6 Hosts Only
  11. User Internet Non-Routable (Private) IP Reserved IP addresses for private networks – – –