VMware vSphere vs Citrix XenServer Cost Calculator

Download VMware vSphere vs Citrix XenServer Cost Calculator here :- VMware vs XenServer Cost Analysis – v1

Objectives of the Calculator

The calculator is a tool to assist getting in front of IT Decision makers to educate, visualize and discuss VMware vs XenServer cost comparison and identify business requirements, matching features to editions and simplifying the complexity of various licensing options.
How to Use the Calculator
To compare VMware vs XenServer Costs, simply complete the items in the green section and take note of the comments.

  • Number of Host Servers
  • Number CPUs per host

The VMware vs XenServer Calculator has tabs that contain the following for easy reference:

  • XenServer Editions and Features List
  • VMware Editions and Features List
  • Citrix XenServer Support Options

Clearly explain the highlighted points and difference between products and support agreements..

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