New Citrix XenServer 6.0 Beta Program Now Available

New Citrix XenServer 6.0 Beta Program Now Available

The XenServer product team is pleased to announce the availability of the new Citrix XenServer 6.0 Beta Program release for the XenServer virtual platform.  As with previous XenServer Beta Programs, this release is available to all registered account holders and everyone is encouraged to download, install, and experience the newest features in development in the industry’s fastest growing hypervisor and virtual infrastructure solution. Click here to download the beta.

XenServer 6.0 Beta Webinar

The Citrix XenServer Product team will host live webinar unveiling new capabilities and improvements in development for the XenServer product. Register to attend the live Beta Program Webinar on July 6th at 11 AM EST and get an overview of the newest technology from the XenServer team including detailed feature demonstrations and how-tos for new capabilities in development for future versions of the XenServer virtualization platform. This 60 minute event will give you a full understanding of what to expect and all the details to download the software and participate in the Beta Program. Experts will also stay on the line to answer questions submitted by webinar attendees. Click here to register.

XenServer Beta to feature many new capabilities and enhancements.

The Beta Program will showcase several new features in development for the XenServer product line. Notable new highlights include:

  • Continued Product Simplification & Ease of Use: All management functionality delivered by easy to deploy, Linux-based virtual appliances
  • Cloud Building Tools & Self-service: New Self-Service Manager Feature enables customers to build virtual private cloud environments that deliver pre-configured multi-VM catalogs, user self-service, and all the policy and control mechanisms required.
  • XenDesktop Enhancement & Improvements: Boston Beta represents the first inclusion of HDX enhancements for optimized user experience with virtual desktops including GPU pass-through.
  • Microsoft System Center Integration: The XenServer fabric can now be directly managed from Systems Center including pool management, machine operations and network configuration.
  • Architectural Improvements: Inclusion of the Xen 4.1 hypervisor, Open vSwitch is now the default network stack for XenServer, and many performance and scalability enhancements.


… and there are many other improvements beyond those included on the list above. Visit XenServer Beta Central for a full list of enhancements and improvements included in the Beta release and to get full details on participation, provide feedback, and get any new announcements or developments in the program.

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