Office in the Clouds: Building a Social Application using IaaS, SaaS on PaaS


So just like very one else in the universe, i am also trying to build the next big social application.. This article is just to track my research into building a architecture that can go from a single server and burst out and down on the cloud per usage requirements. Right now the test site is running on a hosted provider, which provides a upload/download stream and probably a single virtual machine that runs a joomla/lamp stack . Which reminds me i should ask them how and what my site sits on. Of course the whole point of a hosted platform is that i dont have to manage it. What i want to achieve is the same SaaS application and create a architecture that can be developed and can burst out as required..  Only using opensource software to reduce costs.

There are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Use a existing PaaS
    • EngineYard
    • Heroku
    • SpringSource
  • Build your own datacenter
    1. OpenCompute Project
  • Use existing cloud infrastructure and build a custom PaaS (this is my preferred options, as i can using a stack of opensource products which will reduce costs to zero! and allow for a custom solution)
Each of them have they own complexity and advantages and limitations.. So this article is just to brainstorm the best option for my social application. In the event it does get popular.

CODE and Team management


Scalable  Development Environments


  • NetScaler VPX  or Zeus for Application firewall, SSL, Load Balancing, and acceleration
  • RightScale/CPANEL/fantastico
  • Joomla/Drupal
  • Zend Cluster
  • MySql Cluster
  • Amazon EC2 –
  • Amazon S2

OpenSource Office

In order to build all of this technology, i am creating a office environment that can grow rapidly as well and allow for remote and secure software development..

My Office Stack

  1. Google ChromeBook
  2. Amazon Unbuntu AIM  – (bitnammi/jumpbox/VirtualBox/VMmarket place)
  3. NXServer – & hamachi

Office as a Service (OFaaS )Features (Office for Digital Natives)

Backend Office Suite


Web Development Tools

Source Code branches

  • github
  • joomlacode
  • CB???
Reference Articles

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