Application and Desktop Delivery Models

There are a many different technology available now to deliver Application and Desktops to end devices, this articles is just a braindump of the latest technologies for Application and Desktop Delivery and notes from a Workshop to identify the right solution.  Here is a very good article written by Brianmadden on the subjects. :

Application and Desktop Delivery Technologies (Key differences is, Where is the user data and where is the cumpute power)

  • Hosted Shared Desktops
  • Hosted VM-based Desktops
  • Hosted Blade PC-based Desktops
  • Local Streamed Desktops
  • Local VM-based Desktops
  • PXE-Booted desktops

Remote access Protocols

  • RDP
  • VNC
  • PCoIP
  • PXE

Identify Access Devices

  • Desktops
  • Web
  • PDA
  • iPads
  • Laptop
  • ThinClients

Identify Peripherals

Identify Printing requirements  (Understand Printing Architectures)

Identify User Cases

  • Task Workers
  • Knowledge Workers
  • Road Warriors
  • External Contractors
  • Share Workstations
Identify WorkPlaces
Identify Application Dependencies

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