VCDX5 and VCP510 Exam notes

Target acquired – VCDX 5 – I have selected this certification path as my next goal and will keep all my research on this post..

vSphere Documents

VMware Online Labs


  • 85 Questions
  • 300 Pass Score (scaled scores)
  • 90 Minutes
  • 1 min aprox per Question



Reference Sites:

vSphere Videos

IBM and Vmware

Cisco UCS Reference architecture

 HP and VMware Networking


Vmware Diagnostics


  1. Watch Trainsingals training on Train
  2. Read the Official VCP Training Book
  3. Study Exam Questions
  4. Setup Lab
    1. vSphere Appliance
    2. ESXi 5 .1
    3. Storage Appliance
        • gunzip -c vsim-DOT812-7m.tgz  | tar xopf
  1. Install VIX API –
  2. Change Password Complexity –
  3. ESX opensources
  4. BusyBox (minimal console of ESXi)
  5. Read all the material
  6. Command Cheat Sheet
  7. Read Blogs on Exam
  8. Make notes on possible Exam Questions
  9. Practice GUI and take screenshots


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