HP BladeSystem – EFUSE

HP BladeSystem – EFUSE

The term e-Fuse, e-fuse, Efuse or EFUSE is used when a Blade system has to be reset virtually (without physically reseating the server).

An e-fuse reset causes the server blade to lose power momentarily as the e-fuse is tripped and reset.
CAUTION: Use this command with caution. This will result in any activity on the server operating system being lost.
To perform an e-fuse reset:

  1. Telnet to OA IP Address
  2. Login to Onboard Administrator with Administrator privileges using the OA CLI.
  3. Enter the command RESET SERVER X where [X = bay number].
  4. Confirm that the user wants to reset the server blade.
This will reset/restart the Blade Server in that particular bay.


Don’t be Scared 🙂

Command Prompt - MetaFrame Presentation Server Client_2014-02-20_14-40-24

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