Datacenter TCO Calculator

Datacenter TCO Calculator

Simple model of true cost of ownership for a new high density data center


This updated calculator from the Uptime Institute characterizes the costs to build and operate a new data center for a high-density, high-performance computing financial services application. It includes estimates of key cost components including site infrastructure capital costs, computer equipment costs, energy bills, and other operating expenses.

Developed in conjunction with the True TCO Calculator, the white paper, A Simple Model for Determining True Total Cost of Ownership for Data Centers, presents a simple approach to enable C-suite managers to assess the true total costs of building, owning, and operating their data center physical facilities.

The calculator allows high-level financial decision makers to evaluate the tradeoffs that are often embedded in spending decisions. For example, the calculator can clarify how buying more energy efficient computing equipment poses a tradeoff with infrastructure capital costs. The Institute welcomes comments and suggestions to improve the calculator. Future plans call for the development of versions of this calculator model that apply to other general categories and Tier Classifications of data centers.

The True TCO Calculator is available in Excel Spreadsheet format here:- truetco_model_2.1

A Simple Model for Determining True Total Cost of Ownership for Data Centers white page is available here :- (TUI3011B)SimpleModelDetermingTrueTCO



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