HowTo: Convert PDF to Kindle eBook format

HowTo: Convert PDF files to Kindle eBook format


I read allot of technical documents that are in PDF format on my kindle, and it becomes very cumbersome to read PDFs on the kindle as they don’t have the same UI features as eBooks.  You have to move the PDF around and zoom out and in to read the documents. eBooks on kindles are much easier and the navigation of ebooks is easier on Kindle.  I seen allot of PDF to eBook converters online, but they completely ruin the PDF and makes them unreadable.

Just recently   I figured out a way to convert PDF to Kindle ebooks and its simple and works:


  1. Open the PDF in Microsoft Word 2013 or above (tested on Word 2013 and working)
  2. Save this file as a .Docx Word format. (Kindle can accept these files)
  3. Some Tips:
    • Justify to the Left

Microsoft Word 2013 can open and edit PDF and you can save these files in Word format and Kindle is able to read these Word format documents as eBooks.  Now you can read these PDFs much easier on your Kindle.. 🙂



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