HowTo: Configure IE Proxy Settings via Group Policy

HowTo: Configure IE Proxy Settings via Group Policy

This might seem simple, but there was a few tricky issues doing this via GPO. There is already allot of information on this subject already and all of the back ground is here :-  How to apply “The content of IE Settings” in GPO (which used IEM (IE Maintenance) before IE10) to IE10+ Version since IEM have been deprecated from IE10 :-

I will just document exactly how to configure this setting

  1. Setup  the correct IE Proxy Setting on a existing Workstations
    1. Use INETCPL.cpl
  2. Export the Settings for the following keys:
    1. reg query “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections” /v DefaultConnectionSettings
    2. ProxyServer
    3. ProxyOverride
    4. ProxyEnable
    5. DefaultConnectionSettings (This setting changes based on the other settings)
  3. Create a new Group Policy and create the following Registry keys and set to UPDATE
    1. User Configuration \ Preferences \ Windows Settings \ Registry
    2. Create each of the Registry keys as per Step 2

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