Spaghetti Situations

Spaghetti Situations


  • In ‘spaghetti situations’ in which everything is connected to everything, and everything influences everything it is by far not obvious what the best solution is. All people involved have a different idea about what the problem is. And if you ask them, all these people have different ideas about what the solution could;. If you, as engineer, consultant, manager or analyst are in a situation like this, then what to do?
  • In order to solve complex problems its required to define a overall strategy and method that will guide the development of the complex solutions and following a set critical path, budget and timeframe.
  • In order to design and accelerate the implementation of a solution, customers must commit to design decision and any acceptable risks. Multiply components solutions adds to the complexity, through validation and support from vendors is a absolute requirement and they must be invested in the success of the solution
  1. Define Budget
  2. Define Business Requirements
  3. Define Technical Requirements
  4. Define Success Criteria and key metrics
  5. Identify Risks
  6. Solutions Definition
  7. Project initiation
  8. Migration Plan
  9. Operate

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