Open, Academic, Leading and Closed-ended questions

Open, Academic, Leading and Closed-ended questions

Part of communicating effectively is to understand the difference between Open, Academic and Closed-ended questions and more importantly when and when not use each style of questions.

Too many annoying people use open-ended questions only and it’s counter productive to your own goals.


  1. What is your top priority for cyber security?
  2. Are these sponsored and budgeted projects?
  3. Do you have a timeline and what is the current phase of this project?
  4. Would you like me participate bid for this project?
  5. What next steps do you want to follow?
  6. I am sure you are looking for the best in class service and looking at other vendors, are you able to share who you are working with and what are the key focus areas for the your decision?

Here is a few Guides to help

  1. Value Prompter – Example Questions
  2. Value Prompter – Power Questions


Another important aspect is to understand when a opportunity is either, Transactional,  Solution and Partnership.

So, you need to use – Open questions for partnership, to discover more opportunities, yet, Closed for Transactional, and Leading for a solution


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