Secure Communcation Tips

Secure Communication Tips

  • Use Computer Game Chat system to communicate. Eg. Create a  Invite only Group in Class of Clans and chat within that Clan securely.
  • Don’t use American Based VPNs or even software. They have either flaws or provide back doors.
  • You can easily setup a WIFI relay system with consumer grade equipment and implement a VPN with Tor, Tails and FireChat
  • Use Tor and Tails.
  • Cryptocat,Sicher, Wickr, and Telegram encrypted chat tools –
  • Hushmail and ProtonMail for Email
  • RedPhone and Signal for encrypted Mobiles.
  • Turn off Geo Tagging on your phone.
  • Use Cryptophone or BlackPhone
  • Use Firechat
  • Use Freedome VPN
  • Use F-Secure Tracker Mapper
  • Only use GSM Mobiles
  • Setup a VPN on the router it self.
  • Turn off iCloud

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