Cloud Fails – Told you So..

Cloud Fails – Told you So..


It’s amazing the amount of poorly executed strategic decisions vendors make..  Here is a few for history sake..

Someone people might thinks this is very arrogant but a recent announcement by Citrix below is proof of facts and this article was written before that announcement.  I just can’t help myself. ( remember , just like a email no one forced you to read either.)

  • Citrix acquisition of and CloudStack.. (I know this one very well, as I had to try to sell this to the enterprise.) It has been dropped by Citrix. No signs of life!
  • Citrix acquisition of EMS Cortex, specifically built for channel partners to setup hosting services for Microsoft solutions such as Exchange as a Service,etc.. again. No signs of life. PROVED –
  • HPE Helion Public Cloud – Dead
  • Soon to be dead – Verizon Cloud offering based on AMD SeaMicro – another based on Cloudstack!!! Try designing designing a multi-vpn solution in cloudstack.. soon to be killed by Microsoft multi-tenancy licensing restrictions. Any major deals ?? eh eh eh ? PROVED –
  • RackSpace OpenStack cloud platform, dumped. Sotflayer thinks it can do the same and succeed..
  • Citrix acquisition of XenServer, then partnering with Microsoft to lead with Hyper-V on Deals = XenServer Dead.  Brilliant.
  • OpenStack – A bid you good luck sir, Tinkers love OpenStack, cause they love to Tinker with things that won’t work. CIO be aware..
  • VMware vCloud Air – Vmware seems to be procrastinating and not developing new features for this services. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, they will cannibalize the partner eco-system if they execute poorly . ( I am sure if u work for VMware you will disagree. What would I know.. )
  • Softlayer – Massive Gaps in capabilities, betting on OpenStack. OpenStack is fools gold. When you understand the architecture you will realize its perfect for academia only. Cisco MetaCloud would be a much better option


The intricacies of Cloud Computing is immense, you need to have years of Infrastructure experience to understand the complexity of migrating Enterprise Workloads or platform 2 and 2.5 to IaaS. If you have any questions get in touch.

This message will self-destruct when the heat gets a bit too hot..


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