Ultimate Pitch Deck Template

Pitch Deck Instructions

Starting a start-up is the new black right, almost everyone is trying to start a start-up or you know someone that is making money from an online business. It’s becoming the new trend to be cool. Everyone seems to have an idea on a crowdfunding site. Well some of them are making good money. I been doing allot of research into Venture Capital funding and for some strange reason, I can not find a single Pitch deck template that is compressive yet simple. We all heard the story of people getting funding based on a 3-minute conversation, yeah right. Most start-ups are making a loss and if you really are serious about investing your life into building something sustainable, I think the following material is a good starting point. I am trying to keep it comprehensive yet simple to use. If you have any feedback on ideas, please get in touch.

So get into it:-

Marketing and Business Planning

Financial Templates

Questions to ask Fund Manager

Pitch Decks



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