How to make money from Reselling Technology

How to make money from Reselling Technology


  1. Sign up as Reseller with Vendor
  2. Sign up with local Distributor
  3. Become certified by Vendor for partner discounting
  4. Certify team for height level
  5. Align wit Vendor and Distributor
    1. Sales Account Planning with Vendor and Distributor
    2. Marketing / GTM
  6. Capability
    1. Resell
    2. Design
    3. Install
    4. Support
    5. Manage
  7. Deal Registration for discounting
  8. Rebate Program
  9. Professional Services Enablement
    1. Presales
      1. (Demo Platforms, In house use.)
    2. Design
      1. Deployment Cost Model
    3. Install
      1. PMO Deployment
    4. Support
    5. Manage
  10. Statement of Work for Capability
  11. TAC Services (Value add to VAR)
  12. Partner Training
  13. Pricelist import
  14. Solution QA

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