Threat Detection and response


Threat intelligence capabilities can make your digital businesses more resilient. Security and risk management leaders will need to evaluate the capabilities and features of TI offerings and match them to the needs of their security programs.

Table of Contents

  • Market Definition
    • Market Description
  • Market Direction
    • Machine-Readable Content
    • Human-Focused Content
    • The Use of TI Services Is Broadening
    • TI Is Pervasive in Security Products and Services
    • Open Standards Are Now Viable; Demand Support for Them in Your Products and Use Them in Your Processes
    • APIs Continue to Evolve and Support Better Integration Options
    • End Users Are Creating Sharing Capabilities for TI
    • Pricing Models Are Starting to Standardize
    • TI Is Integrated With Adjacent Capabilities
  • Market Analysis
    • Vendors Are Still Looking to Tailor Offerings to a Broader List of Vertical Industries and Organizational Sizes
    • Vendors Often Consume Similar Information
    • Vendor Capabilities Vary
    • Popular TI Use Cases
      • Security Technology Telemetry Enrichment
      • Phishing Detection
      • Vulnerability Prioritization
      • Social Media Monitoring
      • Surface, “Deep” and “Dark” Web Monitoring
      • Brand Monitoring
      • TI Investigations and Response
      • Fraud Detection
      • TI Analyst Augmentation
      • TI Sharing
      • Threat Actor Tracking
      • Intelligence Analyst Investigations Tools
      • Rogue or Fake Mobile App Detection
  • Representative Vendors
    • Market Introduction
    • Acquire
      • Commercial TI Services
      • Free TI Sources
      • CERTs
      • ISACs and Others
    • Aggregate Multiple Sources of TI
      • TIPs
    • Action
  • Market Recommendations
    • Acquire
      • Breadth of Coverage
      • Depth and Accuracy
      • Ability to Execute
      • Extensibility
      • Specialization
    • Aggregate
    • Action
  • Gartner Recommended Reading

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