How to make money from Reselling Technology

How to make money from Reselling Technology


  1. Sign up as Reseller with Vendor
  2. Sign up with local Distributor
  3. Become certified by Vendor for partner discounting
  4. Certify team for height level
  5. Align wit Vendor and Distributor
    1. Sales Account Planning with Vendor and Distributor
    2. Marketing / GTM
  6. Capability
    1. Resell
    2. Design
    3. Install
    4. Support
    5. Manage
  7. Deal Registration for discounting
  8. Rebate Program
  9. Professional Services Enablement
    1. Presales
      1. (Demo Platforms, In house use.)
    2. Design
      1. Deployment Cost Model
    3. Install
      1. PMO Deployment
    4. Support
    5. Manage
  10. Statement of Work for Capability
  11. TAC Services (Value add to VAR)
  12. Partner Training
  13. Pricelist import
  14. Solution QA

Best Organisational Structure

Best Organisational Structure

Man management and following the chain of command is one of the best ways to run an an organisation, but it creates corruptions. One of best ways to insure applicable resolution of issues is to create a regular anonymous feedback loop via surveys reviews of the Captains and Strategy via a anonymous Consigliere. This is a copy of how the mafia ran its business, except that the vital feedback loop now days can be done via anonymous surveys of strategy and the captains, directly connecting the boss to the soldiers, who frankly know how best to run the business.

Key points

  • Chain of command must be followed by soliders
  • Captains must direct soldiers as per goals and work with each other captain as a team.
  • Captains work as a team.
  • Underboss must man manage captains as a team.
  • Anonymous feedback by soldiers to consigliere to boss.
  • Regular reviews like Air Traffic investigation of issues.
  • Appointment of customer counsel. Pick your best customers to be part of your business regular surveys and feed back loop. (Shower them with career development not alcohol. You dont want drunks.)
  • Ultimate success and failure is with the boss no excuses.  Never more than one..

Example Org Diagram

BestOrgStructure 2018-06-11 14-32-47.png


IT People are Lazy Sods

IT People are Lazy Sods

Every company I have worked for, The first the I end up fixing is the most fundamental issues.. It amazing how many problems the following items cause and IT people CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.. This is another reason to move to the Cloud.

  1. Time Synchronisation – I recall arguing for months on TIme Sycn should be configured. Sigh, its so easy, use a AD as your central time source, insure Virtual Machines don’t get time from the VMware agent. Insure you have a single time source that is synced to Global redundant time providers. Open the NTP,etc Insure anything that is not part of the AD Domain, is manualy added the NTP Settings. ITs best to setup a standalone NTP Server as well secure it..
  2. Microsoft Updates – Make sure you keep ALL Windows Machines to the Latest. Install ALL Updates for god sake. The amount of time i argued with people over this.. Just freaking install everything, if u think u are smarter than Microsoft good for u.
  3. Backups – Ask you IT person, how are the backups, then ask him to restore something. !
  4. Any to Any Rules – You firewall will be just a swiss chess, lazy IT people wont both to secure the Firewall at all,
  5. Documentation – Well, any IT person that doesnt document, should be fired. They keep this info in there head for Job protection, then again, u can’t blame them either.. I document so i can move up and out of that role to something better.


Dealing with Difficult IT People

Dealing with Difficult IT People

Unfortunately this is a reoccurring theme when working in Technology. It is more prevalent in IT Operations and Delivery. The core problem is most of these people are men and not a single female around for a very large radius. The other is that most of them suffer from Aspergers. The last on list is that technical people’s value is judged on how much technical knowledge they posses and how much of that they can spew out in a conversation and not on delivery and solving problems.

A very smart person told me along time ago: There are two types of IT guys, the first guy can spend all his time telling you about the molecules in beer and the process of that beer getting brewed, but could not go to the bar and bring you a beer. The other of course can get the beer and also bring it to the table.

All of the brilliant engineers that i have worked with in technology are not like this and they tend to make allot more money than these people. The basic example, is that they will tell a user to Reboot the computer for every problem, but unable to educate the user to the reason why they should do that and fix it them selfs.

Some ideas :

  1. Have a teflon shower in the morning. It all comes down to Diplomacy. In a time of war the diplomat could stay in the country and maintain his integrity and distance him self from the problem.
  2. Understand you can not win any arguments with these people, this is all they have in their lives; is to come to work and point score on absolute nonsense.
  3. Get away from the Fold, let the sheep work things out. You don’t need to be around this toxic personalities.
  4. If it is important, work with management to come up with ideas and frameworks and solutions.
  5. Don’t take it personally, mostly likely these people have issues in life and every person they come in contact with..
  1. Keep your cool – All ways be nice and calm.. – You can’t fly like an eagle if you hang out with turkeys!
  2. Pick your battles – It is not worth arguing over a command or a way to do it.
  3. Spend your time on High value activities
  4. Solve the Problem – Establish yourself as a strong problem solver with excellent people skills. Win more rapport, cooperation and respect.
  5. common pattern with difficult people (especially the aggressive types) is that they like to place attention on you to make you feel uncomfortable or inadequate. Typically, they’re quick to point out there’s something not right with you or the way you do things. The focus is consistently on “what’s wrong,” instead of “how to solve the problem.”
  6. If none of this works and it escalates to bullying, take them for a drink and punch them in the face.. Make sure you go to two pubs, as any activity that occurs directly after work, the HR rules apply. Seriously, some of these people are just bullies and don’t think social lie to walk away is better . If they threaten your lively hood and ability to take care of your family . man up. (Bullying seems to be the norm in most companies) Don’t bother with HR, they are there to protect the business from ligation.

Difference between Service and Incident in-terms of ITIL Definition

Difference between Service and Incident in-terms of ITIL Definition

This might be super simple, but the text book ITIL definitions really cause confusion.

ITIL Definition:

  • Service Request – A formal request from a user for something to be provided.
  • Incident Request – An unplanned interruption to an IT Server or reduction in the quality of an IT Server. Failure of a configuration item that has not yet affect services is also incident.

This is a much easier way to interpret the difference:

  • Service Request – Request for a new service
  • Incident Request – Alert or Request to remediate an existing service

Visio Stencils and Templates

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