Open Education Platform

Open Education Platform


My family back home in Sri Lanka, just go dial up access to the Internet and I was thinking of a way to improve communication and provide a low cost solution I can send them. So here is my ideas on this project..


I am going to use ChromeBook laptops and install, which is a unbuntu software packed with education software. I will also setup a kindle account for them and also the calibre ebook. Also Send then a USB stick for offline datastorage and a SD card with instructions on to reinstall if the system crashes.. I will was provide a list of free education websites as well as shared account to online learning. And also give them a communication platform to talk to each other.. Would to provide Kindle 3G and using the Kindle Whisper cast software for management.

These shortcuts will be shared on a central website, so the students can collaborate.

All Device will be tracked and costs advertised onto the website. All funds will go to the purchase of equipment, cost of delivery and maintenance, and maintenance costs for online portal. I will seek free or better deals as a charity from vendors and partners..

This can be extended in to under-privilege people, schools, homeless people, older age and even prisoner for rehabilitation.



  1. Projectors
  2. Rpi
  3. Intel Wireless USB Drives
  4. Laptops
  5. Solar Power Station
  6. Education Portal
  7. Shipping Container Class Room (Painted outside)

Online Learning Management System and Collaboration System


Fee based Online Learning

Free Online Learning

Free Kindle eBooks


Other Free Online Learning


Charity and a Funding Website




  • Free Kid Safe 3G Internet Card
  • Kindle 3G with Whisper Management
  • ChromeBook with edbuntu
  • OS rebuild USB and Instructions
  • Centralized Account Managment and Remote Control of all ChromeBooks
  • Central LMS and Collaboration platform and Automated Subscription for students
  • Local Hardware replacement agreement
  • Online Storage for backup
  • Free CBTNugget NAS training portal and CBTNugget SCORM or LTI


 Vendor Support



Venture Capital