Server Consolidation and Capacity Planning

Tools for Server Consolidation and Capacity Planning

CiRBA and PlateSpin Recon are enterprise-centric tools designed for ongoing use and too expensive for on of use.

VMware Capacity Planner is a FREE online tool for VMware Partners.

How to Access VMware Capacity Planner:
  • Become a VMware Partner –
  • Completed the Capacity Planner training at the VMware PartnerCentral/Partner University site? Upon completion you will have your own account setup credential that gets emailed to you.
  • Download the latest Capacity Planner Software:
  • Once you have this installed you can then go to the following website:
  • Documentation:
VMware Capacity Planner 2.7.0 Installation Guide –
VMware Capacity Planner 2.7.0 Getting Start Guide –
The procedure of Offline VMware Capactiy Planner is below as documented by VMware KB#1896 :
  1. Register the Database ID from the primary (originating) collector. The secondary (sending) collector does not need to be registered to the Company ID. For more information see: Viewing and Adding Collector Database IDs to a Client Registration (1891) .
  2. On the originating Collector computer export the inventory data into a .CSV file. First setup the task to export only and process any Linux inventory data.  Click Admin > Options > Modules > Data Synchronize. Delselect all items except Export collection data for systems, and Import Collection Data for Systems.
  3. Click Tasks > Run Manual Tasks > Run Data Synchronization Task. Wait for the process to finish.
  4. Using Windows Explorer open the Capacity Planner base directory, typically%ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware Capacity Planner .  Open the outbox folder.
  5. Copy the files from outbox folder on the originating Collector to the outbox folder on the sending Collector. For each file copied, verify that the copy is intact before you delete that file from the source computer.
  6. From the sending Collector upload the files copied into its outbox folder. Click Tasks > Run Scheduled Jobs > Run Scheduled – Data Synchronize. The data is now be securely uploaded from the sending Collector to the IW.

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